A farm situated in rural Taitung

Qingjing Muyu ---- A farm situated in rural Taitung

     Qingjing Muyu is run in the spirit of harmony and coexistence, with each and every creature seen as a precious link in the chain of life. The planting and harvesting of fruits, vegetables and grains follow the rhythm of the four seasons, using only the natural elements of light, water and air. With benevolence and humility as our bedrock, we strive to ensure that no living creature is killed in the farming process. These factors combine to create a sustainable and vibrant natural ecosystem, which ensures everything produced at Qingjing Muyu is of an exceptionally high quality, displaying the sweetness and earthiness of nature itself. 

Qingjing Farming ----- “May all beings be happy and free of suffering”

In 1988, farm proprietors Mr. Wu and Ms. Lin Hui-wen took their family and embarked on a search for clean, wholesome food - a journey that took them far away from the clamor and turmoil of the city, eventually settling down in Taitung. 

After a period of seclusion in the mountains, Mr. Wu had a clear vision of his path ahead - a natural life of farming the land. Although Mr. Wu knew little of farming methods back then, he had one resolute and unshakeable conviction, “May all beings be happy and free of suffering.”

So just how does one farm in accordance with this principal?

Mr. Wu expressed that under the laws of Heaven and Earth, all things operate in a system of selfless support, and not as Darwin postulated, through natural selection. 

Therefore, Qingjing Muyu insists on a planting process that fully adheres to the symbiotic principles of the Dao, entirely free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any kind of pest-control measures. We use our own fresh farm-made compost in conjunction with fresh mountain spring water direct from the surrounding mountains.


Everything is one ----- “Bugs are beneficial, weeds are welcome”

Operated under an ethical principle of non-killing, a large proportion of Qingjing Muyu crops are regularly lost to insects, and therefore yields at the farm are understandably limited. However in 2004, the farm witnessed a truly amazing phenomenon. Mr. Wu recalled, “That year, it was as though the bug kingdom had held a grand meeting, where it was decided that from that day on they would eat only the outer leaves of the cabbages, meaning the inner heart remained absolutely untouched. It was wonderfully inspiring to realize that these bugs had their own innate wisdom.”

And so, it turned out that the creatures responded to the non-killing Qingjing Muyu Farming System by retuning themselves to a new, more harmonious rhythm. “Due to an understandable fear of chemical pesticides, in the beginning, many of the insects bored into the center of fruits. However, once they realized that no chemical threat existed, the insects naturally felt more at ease and could safely eat only the outer portion, leaving the rest intact. This is a wonderful example of coexistence in action.”

The Qingjing Muyu Farming System has given everyone the opportunity to witness firsthand the Chinese proverb, “All things are one”.

If you happen to visit Qingjing Muyu, you would be forgiven for mistakenly believing that the fields are untended. 

Upon closer examination, however, you will discover that at Qingjing Muyu even the weeds are considered valuable friends, not only protecting the delicate soil and increasing biomass in the area, but also providing a safe home for the many wild creatures that live in the fields. 

圖:初期內外都被蟲吃掉的高麗菜 Picture: The early days when cabbages were decimated by insects.Picture: The early days when cabbages were decimated by insects.

Now growing healthy and robust alongside the many other fruits and vegetables.

When the weeds are precious friends, it can appear as though the fields are untended. However, this is a symbiotic paradise, where all things live together in harmony.

Picture: When the weeds are precious friends, it can appear as though the fields are untended. However, this is a symbiotic paradise, where all things live together in harmony.


Real “Health” is for all things to live together harmoniously 

Qingjing Muyu’s approach to business has already transcended the sphere of conventional farming, caring for the land and meeting the needs of all living creatures that dwell upon it. 

Laozi said: “The Dao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things…”

 Mr. Wu quoted the wise words of Laozi, emphasizing that in today’s world, what humanity lacks most is an understanding of sustainable living. “Mankind must learn to cherish nature and to live in harmony with the Dao – only then do we have a chance to survive.” Mr. Wu stressed that we must work as a united organic system, “ Living with each other, sharing with each other and supporting each other.” Qingjing Muyu is a “healthy” farm in the truest sense - a place that promotes both physical health and a healthy way of living. 

 Our concept of “health” is health for all – “by supporting all living creatures, all living creatures support us”. Mankind is part of this incredible ecosystem, so as long as the ecology is flourishing, nutrients in the earth will be abundant, and the resultant crops grown from this will in turn be wholesome and nourishing. The fundamental concept here at Qingjing Muyu is for all living creatures to live in harmony. Therefore, in the process of obtaining food, we must endeavor not to purposely harm any living creature.

Picture: A rich diversity of insects and birds is nature’s own certification of healthy food.

Picture: A rich diversity of insects and birds is nature’s own certification of healthy food.

Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of Western medicine, once said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." A diet of good healthy food surpasses any form of medical therapy. In reaction to the recent explosion of detoxification therapies that have become popular in Taiwan, Mr. Wu commented that people need to go back to basics, and simply avoid absorbing these toxins in the first place - If the food we put into our bodies is healthy and nutritious, then where is the need for detoxification? Saying, “YES” to healthy food and drink empowers health consciousness. 

 Mr. Wu believes that by supporting “healthy farming”, we are saying “YES” to a long and healthy life for oneself, and for that of one’s environment - the choices we make on the food we buy directly influence how our land is cultivated. 


 Picture: A rich and abundant ecological system.

Our ‘Birds and Bugs Certification’ will give you complete peace of mind

     It is important to understand that the organic certification system in Taiwan is not only costly and harmful to small organic farms, but the process of packing the vast majority of “organic fertilizer” employs a number of polluting industries including textiles, paper making, and printing. This so-called “organic fertilizer” hides within it a whole host of pollutants, and is something we should all be deeply concerned about. This may explain why over the years, countless individuals concerned about healthy living have said: “Qingjing Muyu’s ‘Birds and Bugs Certification’ is the only way to ensure complete peace of mind”.

  Once consumers begin to have misgivings about an “organic” industry, which displays such an obvious lack of integrity, it is probably time to take a closer look at our products and make the distinction. 

Our ‘Birds and Bugs Certification’ gives you complete peace of mind.

Picture: Our ‘Birds and Bugs Certification’ gives you complete peace of mind.

After many years of research and development, Qingjing Muyu now offers four to five hundred products, ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to essential condiments, meeting the needs of each and every health-conscious family: rice, oil, salt, soya sauce, vinegar, sugar, etc.  

“One fundamental concept at Qingjing Muyu is to use absolutely no chemical processes.  We instead rely on age-old traditional processes passed down from our ancestors,” stressed Ms. Lin Hui-wen. 

 Agricultural produce is a fundamental part of our everyday lives, and a key building block for any society. Qingjing Muyu firmly believes that only after consumers understand “real food” and take a stand by boycotting unreasonable products, will producers begin to make improvements.  This potent force that lies in the hands of each and every consumer, has the power to affect the whole of our ecosystem and bring back a harmonious balance.